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How Masari Remittance Works

Masari helps more than 50,000 people a year to transfer money to their friends and family at home.

The Process is very simple:

  1. Choose a Receiver

  2. Select a Service

  3. Make a Payment

The rest is up to us!

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Why Choose Masari

Fast & Simple

  • Three quick steps
  • Instant transfer to many countries

Low fees and great exchange rates

There are no hidden costs. You can count on Masari to deliver an exceptional service with low fees and bank-beating exchange rates

Online Support

If you need help getting set up, sending, exchanging or transferring your money, we are happy to help, so please get in touch


We are licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus, are authorised to operate in each of the jurisdictions where our service is offered, and comply with all local rules and regulations. You can relax knowing your money is in safe hands


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