How to send money Online

1. Create a Masari Account

It takes just a few minutes to create a Masari account with your email and password.

Just click on the Sign Up button and fill in our simple registration form.

2. Choose your Receiver

Tell us who you want to send money to.

You can choose from a list of friends or family that you have already sent to, or you can add a new Receiver.

3. Select a Service

Tell us:

  1. Where you want your money to go and the currency

  2. How you want the money transferred

  3. How much you want to send

Our fees and the exchange rates will be clearly detailed.

4. Send your Money

Choose how you want to pay for your transfer and confirm that you are happy with all the details.

Once your payment has been made, your transaction will be released and you will receive notifications by SMS and/or email confirming the details and explaining how the funds can be collected.

For most services, your funds will be available for collection within minutes.